Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, February 4th, 2018

Celebrating Black History Month!

Church Bulletin

Looking For Good News!

Everyone is looking for some GOOD NEWS! Where can you find it? Who has it? What do you have to do to get it?

Of course, there is good news and then there is REALLY GOOD NEWS! Sometimes a bit of luck, good fortune, a little relief, or a surprising turn of events can be for us GOOD NEWS!

The Scriptures today call us to the GOOD NEWS that lasts! Obtaining it is not without challenges or struggles, though. The plight of Job in the first reading seems like anything but Good News. Paul tells us in the second reading that he has made himself a slave to all to win over as many as possible—all for the sake of The Gospel—the Good News.

Jesus begins his ministry in the Gospel of Mark by preaching and healing. People swarm to him because He is The Good News! We turn to Him today to find GOOD NEWS. We work to form our lives in his image that through our humble efforts all those around us might experience GOOD NEWS!