The Third Sunday of Lent

Come To The Living Water!

Living Water! What is “Living Water?” What is the best water in the world?

We are told that we live alongside the best water in the world, on the shores of the second largest body of fresh water on the planet, although you might not guess it, with all who drink “bottled” water instead! For most of us, living water is taken for granted because fresh water is so abundant where we live. Yet even today with all our technology, fresh water is a “life and death” concern and issue for billions of people!

In today’s Gospel reading from John, Jesus talks about and uses the image of “living water” as he encounters the Samaritan Woman at the well. Through this encounter, she is confronted with who she really is, and who she can truly become. She is called to faith and responds enthusiastically!

The story recalls our encounter with “Living Water” at our Baptism. What have we taken for granted about that life-saving event for us? This is a time to Come to the Living Water!