27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Kingdom Of Heaven Will Be Given To Those Who Will Produce Its Fruit!

Who can you count on to get the job done? Who do you trust with your investments, your livelihood, your inheritance?These days, these are rather crucial questions! Many of the things we relied on as our corner-stone, our “solid rock” on which we could stand firm, have become shaky or ever disappeared. The people, the structures, the institutions we thought to be reliable were not!Today’s Gospel is yet another “Parable of the Kingdom” which Jesus tells. Workers are entrusted to work in a The vineyard the owner carefully built and developed to be productive is leased to tenant workers. In the end, the tenants attempted to take it all for their own, even-ing killing the owner’s son.This is about STEWARDSHIP  the use of the time, talents and treasures we have been given to work with to build God’s Kingdom. Are we reliable? Are we producing Good Fruit?