Second Sunday of Easter

Christ Is Risen!

Rise from the Dead! What does it really mean to RISE FROM THE DEAD?

While the answer seems so obvious, the reality is almost beyond belief! Many times when Jesus would predict his passion and death, AND RISING FROM THE DEAD, his disciples would wonder and discuss among themselves what this might mean.

We profess to believe in the RESSURECTION FROM THE DEAD, arising to a new and never-ending life with a perfect body that is beyond all imagining! As the Gospel Resurrection stories attest, it would take awhile before his followers would grasp the reality of the Resurrection and allow it to change their lives. Once it did, they lost fear and began to go out to spread the Good News of Jesus!

Have we yet grasped what the Resurrection fully means? Once we do, we too will be able to lose our fear to go out and Spread the Good News of Jesus! This is what New Life and Easter Joy are all about!