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Information about the Life Celebration of Pastor Fr. Lawrence Duris


Visitation and Funeral Arrangements for Fr. Lawrence “LD” Duris are as follows:

Tuesday 02/27/2018
10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.
At St. Ailbe Catholic Church
9015 South Stony Island Ave., Chicago, IL

Wednesday 02/28/2018
Visitation 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.
Mass 11:00 a.m.
At St. Ailbe Catholic Church
9015 South Stony Island Ave., Chicago, IL

Repast Reception Immediately Following the Internment

Resist Temptation! Repent and Believe!

First Sunday of Lent

Resist Temptation! Repent And Believe!

The Desert — a stark, foreboding place, dangerous and life-threatening. Hot in the day, cold at night, the desert is a seemingly “lifeless” place.

Yet there is life in the desert. There is life to be discovered in the desert! And that is why Jesus, before beginning his ministry, first goes into the desert for forty days and nights.Mark tells us in the Gospel reading that Jesus is driven into the desert  to pray, to fast, and yes, to be tempted. He will emerge from the desert strong, determined and fortified. He will proclaim his message: “This is the time of fulfilment, The Kingdom of God is at hand. Re-pent, and believe in the gospel!”

We have begun our Lenten journey. We are challenged to make a “desert place” in our lives, a time, a place, an attitude where we can return to a spirit of prayer, where we can fast from those things that keep us from God and one another. Yes, this can be a time of fulfillment! Repent and believe in the gospel!

I Have Come To Make You One!


Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

I Have Come To Make You One!

One! One with what? One with who? Becoming one, becoming Whole, is a goal, a challenge!

What does becoming One, becoming whole mean? In the context of today’s Gospel story from Mark, Jesus healing the man burdened with leprosy, it is first of all living with an incurable disease. Even worse, it is about being made an outcast, cut off from the rest of the world, being as useless!

With great courage the afflicted man approaches Jesus, breaking society’s rules by coming out of isolation, making his profession of faith: “If you wish, you can make me clean!” Jesus’ response is: “I do will it. Be made clean!”

The story points to the unclean condition and isolation that SIN afflicts on our lives, cutting us off from the life and health that God offers us. As we celebrate World Marriage Day and International Day this weekend, like the afflicted man, we need to pursue together Jesus, who wills to MAKE US ONE!

Looking for Good News!

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, February 4th, 2018

Celebrating Black History Month!

Church Bulletin

Looking For Good News!

Everyone is looking for some GOOD NEWS! Where can you find it? Who has it? What do you have to do to get it?

Of course, there is good news and then there is REALLY GOOD NEWS! Sometimes a bit of luck, good fortune, a little relief, or a surprising turn of events can be for us GOOD NEWS!

The Scriptures today call us to the GOOD NEWS that lasts! Obtaining it is not without challenges or struggles, though. The plight of Job in the first reading seems like anything but Good News. Paul tells us in the second reading that he has made himself a slave to all to win over as many as possible—all for the sake of The Gospel—the Good News.

Jesus begins his ministry in the Gospel of Mark by preaching and healing. People swarm to him because He is The Good News! We turn to Him today to find GOOD NEWS. We work to form our lives in his image that through our humble efforts all those around us might experience GOOD NEWS!

A New Teaching With Authority!

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

A New Teaching With Authority!

What was it about Jesus? How did he so suddenly gain popularity? What were people coming from far and wide attracted to about Jesus?

The answer seems obvious. For one thing, he worked miracles. For another, he quickly became known as a great teacher. But there was also something else, beyond his healing powers, his compassion, his attractive presence. He taught with authority!

What was this authority people sensed? It was his integrity. He didn’t need to drop names of great teachers he had, or how long and hard he had studied. He believed what he read, taught what he believed, and lived what he taught. That made all the difference in the world.

Let us all strive to be the same kind of teacher: To believe what we read, teach what we believe and live what we teach!

This Is The Time of Fulfillment!

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

This Is The Time Of Fulfillment!

What time is it? The Time of fulfillment of what? What is about to happen? After the arrest of John the Baptist Jesus began his ministry in Galilee. What was he about to do? Proclaim the Gospel of God. How did he announce it? With these words: “This is the time of fulfillment. The kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the gospel.”

If we have not ever heard these words before, we might think something new and radical was about to happen. Yet, perhaps because we have heard these words so many times before, we take the message for granted and don’t expect anything new and radical to happen. And that is precisely the problem. We are the problem. Without true repentance, without firm belief in the gospel, the Kingdom of God will not be at hand for us. This is the time to make it happen!

Repent and Believe in the Gospel!

Speak Lord, Your Servant is Listening!

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

God Speaks. A Prophet responds. A Savior Calls. A challenge is put forth! Disciples respond and follow! 

On this second Sunday of Ordinary time, we hear extraordinary words from God, and we celebrate an extraordinary life of one of our own, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who strived and struggled to answer the call and live up to the challenge that the Long Savior presented.We celebrate today a history and a legacy of which we are most proud and grateful for. As we do so, we encounter the sober challenge of asking the questions: “What now? What about us? What must we do? What will we do to make this day’s Celebration real?” More than ever, the cause of justice, peace and equality for all is still a “battlefield challenge!” Who is God calling today to answer the call? You? Yes! Me? Yes! All of us? YES!

Rise Up! Your Light Has Come!

Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord, January 7, 2018

What is all the excitement about? A new light! A new hope! One who is the fulfilment of all our dreams!

The story is exciting, and also mystical and mysterious. Yes, there is excitement… exotic astrologers from another culture and country convinced that something so special is happening that they make a long and difficult journey to a foreign land, along with gifts for the one they hope to discover. There is excitement too by those who are threatened by these events.

Then the encounter: Royalty with common folk. The reaction: Adoration! The Message: God is sending one into our midst who will break down walls and call all peoples together to live in a new way, to achieve what they hope for: Salvation, Peace and Endless life!

How do we respond? What will we now do? In our city, our country and our world there are many walls to break down. A New Year!

Renewing Our Families

Feast of the Holy Family, December 31, 2017

Renewing Our Families

Holy Family is the term or title we use to refer to describe the human family of the Son of God  Jesus, Mary and Joseph. 

We appropriately celebrate this Feast on the Sunday after Christmas. The Christmas feast centers on this special family, their mission, their journey, their courage and faithfulness. Our many “FAMILY Celebrations and Church Celebrations, including our Kwanzaa Celebration this past week, connect us to rich and deep family ideals and values!

We celebrate the event of Christmas  GOD WITH US  by gathering with our own families, sharing in food and fellowship, giving of gifts, and telling the stories of our own family journeys and challenges, failures, disappointments, blessings, hopes and joys!

Living together as “family” is a challenge. The Scriptures today offer us wisdom for making it happen! Paul encourages us to “Put on, as God’s Chosen ones, holy and beloved, heartfelt compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience, bearing with one another, and forgiving one another. And over all of these put on Love! And let the Peace of Christ control your hearts!”  What else do we need?

The values that come from our faith and cultural backgrounds provide the tools to counteract negatives influences, and sustain us on a path that will insure justice and peace, guidance and love for all our people!

Let It Be Done!

Fourth Sunday of Advent

Let It Be Done!

What call have you received? How will you respond? What decision will you make?

We receive many calls, but there is one special extraordinary one… the Call from God. We are all called by God to fulfill our purpose in life, to be a part of God’s greater plan for the salvation of the world. It may come in different ways for different people, but each person must respond, decide.

We celebrate today the decision of Mary when she responded to God’s call with: “Let it be done to me according to your word!” 

Mary stands for us as a model of total trust, total willingness to cooperate with God’s will!

We pray for Mary’s trust, her willingness to put herself in God’s hands. May we say with our lives as she did: LET IT BE DONE!

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