Do You Recognize His Voice?


Do You Recognize His Voice? Whose voice do you recognize? Probably the voices of count-less people! But do you recognize HIS voice, the voice of the Good Shepherd?The fourth Sunday of Easter is traditionally known as “Good Shepherd” Sunday, and each year the Gospel presents Jesus as “shepherd.” What do you know about shepherds and sheep? Probably not much. We are told sheep can be less than highly intelligent, and at times so are we. We are told they can easily get themselves into trouble, and so can we. They can also learn to recognize and follow a shepherd, and so can we!Jesus tells us he is the “gate” for the sheep. The gate is the place where the shepherds calls the flock that is his own. Upon hearing his voice, they recognize it and they follow him, and he leads them to safe pasture.The question for us: Whose voice do we recognize, respond to and follow as we search for safe pasture? Do we recognize His voice?